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From real-time insights to immediate action

Don't just collect customer data - act on it instantly. 


Understand and act on your customer journey in real-time with WeFace

Welcome to the next level of customer journey analytics. With WeFace, real-time data isn't just a concept - it's an actionable tool. Elevate your customer engagement and communication with immediate, data-driven actions.

The customer journey in real-time
Category A
Product Y
Category X
When visiting category X,
  • Activate Trigger within 10 sec: SALES 20%
Product X


Supercharging E-commerce KPIs with WeFace's Real-Time Insights

Dive into the power of instant decision-making with WeFace. Our dashboard translates raw customer data into actionable insights in real time, enabling swift and effective responses to your customers' needs.

Conversion Rate

By providing real-time insights into customer behavior, WeFace can assist e-commerce retailers in instantly adjusting their strategies and offers to improve conversion rates.

Visiting product X
Visiting category A
Visiting product Y
Visiting product X
Visiting category A
Visiting product Z
Visiting support
Visiting product Y
Visiting product Z

Customer Retention Rate

WeFace's AI-driven platform can help e-commerce businesses better understand their customers' needs and preferences, enabling the creation of more personalized and engaging customer experiences that encourage repeat visits.

Average Order Value

By offering insights into customer preferences, WeFace can help e-commerce retailers make more effective product recommendations, which can increase the average order value.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

By enhancing the customer experience and increasing the customer retention rate, WeFace can assist in increasing the customer lifetime value, a critical KPI for all e-commerce retailers.

Cart Abandonment Rate Reduction

With real-time information about customer behavior, e-commerce retailers can quickly identify and address any issues or barriers leading to cart abandonment.


Assisted Add-to-Cart

Assisted Add-to-Cart' functionality revolutionizes your customers' shopping experience. By allowing agents to help customers add products to their shopping carts during a real-time conversation, it facilitates a more interactive and personalized e-commerce journey. Transform passive browsing into active buying, and watch your conversion rates soar.






Setting and Achieving Goals in Real-Time with WeFace

WeFace takes goal setting and tracking to the next level. Our AI-driven platform empowers you to not only set your own goals but also monitor their progress in real time. This dynamic approach enables you to take immediate action based on live insights, adjusting your strategies to ensure you're always on track to hit your targets.


WeFace AI Virtual Assistant Designed to Revolutionise Your Business

WeFace provides a cutting-edge AI assistant powered by OpenAI technology. Our solution allows your customers to type or speak their inquiries, and the assistant promptly delivers support regarding product recommendations, comparisons, pertinent queries, and additional assistance. The AI assistant can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and seamlessly guide customers through your product offerings.


AI-Based Assistant

We customize the AI assistant bot according to your conditions.

Auto Browsing

Synchronized navigation where you are being navigated to the produkt.


Speak directly to the AI-Asstistant get the product instantly.


Live Video Chat With Customers Directly From Your Website

Web-based technology

Sell, service and support through a web-based portal. No software download required for you or your customers.

Responsive resolution

Support nearly all up to date browsers, including mobile devices, and always in HD.

Quick implementation

Installed quickly and easily on existing infrastructure. No large, expensive, and time-consuming IT projects is required.


The responsibility for the service lies with us and we ensure 99.95% operating time.

18 CIS Critical Security

Certified according to ISO27001 / IEC and follows all current rules regarding GDPR for protection of customer and employee.

No data storage

Weface does not collect any data about you or your customers.


Start Enjoying An All-In-One Solution

Video Call

Turn on or off the camera at any time during the call.


Mute the microphone if necessary. It is possible to make calls via WeFace using the microphone only.

Screen Sharing 

The interactive screen share function can be turned on and off at any time during the call.

End Call 

When the call ends, all communication between you and your customer ceases.



Use the chat function if that will be easier during the call.

Send Files

Send and receive any types of documents and files to- and from the customer.


The customer can minimize the video player to get a better view of what you want to convey.


Timer that shows the duration of the call.



What Our Customers Says

"WeFace has completely transformed the way we approach customer engagement. The real-time data insights and visualization tools have allowed us to gain a comprehensive understanding of our customers' journey and optimize our engagement efforts in ways we never thought possible. The ability to communicate with customers via video, voice call, or chat has also been a game-changer for us, allowing us to address customer issues and complaints in real-time and provide a more personalized experience." - Johan, CEO of Trackson

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