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Faster resolutions in real time with Weface

Point, click and annotate anywhere on your customers desktop or mobile.

No additional downloads or engineering support necessary.

Improve support and customer service, a more collaborative support experience.


Build trust and empathy

With a simple click you can launch a sharing session with your customer — no need for you or your customer to download any software. 

Weface can also show the agent’s screen to the customer — perfect for presenting and demoing to close the sale or for delivering advisory services.

Weface enables call center agents to instantly see what callers are seeing on-screen, to quickly understand problems and guide them to a speedy solution.

Quick Implementation

and Easy to Use

Web-based technology

Sell, service and support through a web-based portal. 

No software download required.

No data storage

Weface does not collect any data about you or your customers.


Support nearly all up to date browsers, including mobile devices, and always in HD.


The responsibility for the service lies with us and we ensure 99.95% operating time.

Quick implementation

Installed quickly and easily on existing infrastructure. No large, expensive, and time-consuming IT projects is required.

The 18 CIS Critical Security Controls

Certified according to ISO27001 / IEC and follows all current rules regarding GDPR for protection of customer and employee data.

Why Weface?

What are the benefits of Video call with Interactive screen sharing?

The future of technology is in interactions, how close to one on one, a virtual interaction can make feel and this is what Weface offers. As a user, you get to show your products as you converse in real time with your customer.

Video or voice call
Weface Live Service technology enables a completely unique customer interaction in real time through video calls and screen sharing directly on your e-commerce platform.

Interactive Screen Sharing

Interactive screen sharing means that everything a customer clicks on is also displayed on the agent's browser and vice versa, without interrupting the video call.

80% of customers prefer to talk to customer support with live video call when ask for help as it provides the fastest answer to their questions.

How video helps win deals

Deals are 127% more likely to close when video is used during any point in the sales process:.

Bring the in-store e-Commerce experience online: 

It’s the closest thing to being able to physically connect with your customers – which is a huge benefit relative to traditional online retail

The human element
The human element is very important for customers to feel connected to your brand and that’s exactly what live stream shopping brings to the table

Get on the same page as your customers. Literally.

With Weface you can highlight page content and navigation options. Your agents can even scroll the page to guide the customer. When the customer navigates from page to page on your website or app, the agent follows along without lag.

Efficient customer-agent collaboration

Agents can help customers find information, fill out forms and complete their online purchase. Problems are solved quicker within the initial session, improving your first contact resolution rate.

Safe and secure interactive screen sharing

Weface is easy and safe for both you and your customers. All sensitive data, such as customer credit card details can be hidden from your agent view. With end-to-end encryption and EU data storage, you can rest assured your co-browsing experience is cyber secure.

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