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Weface makes online banking and Insurance easy and convenient

Point, click and annotate anywhere on your customers desktop or mobile.

No additional downloads or engineering support necessary.

Improve support and customer service, a more collaborative support experience.

Safety and Security are top priorities for banks. That’s why Weface has dedicated a powerful  software that will ensure customer privacy and security.


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Customer view





Agent view


Secure Field Masking

Weface solution ensures that a sales or support agent can’t see customer’s sensitive information like credit card numbers or login credentials.

Due to the Secure Field Masking, sensitive data is hidden, allowing the agent to accompany the customer throughout the entire session, without having to drop off.

Mask specific elements of a page and hide sensitive information like credit card or social security numbers.

Only the website is exposed – no other tabs, pages, files and apps.

Win more customers and create better support experiences.

When the customer is your top priority

Weface help your customers complete even the most difficult of bank procedures while having a bank representative on the other side, viewing the screen and guiding the customer step by step until all is resolved.

Example; This is May Smith and she is visiting your bank’s website, and she is having a problem with an online transaction or a question about a financial product like a loan application.

In a search for an answer, May is calling the customer service, where John, an agent, pick up. While May is explaining the issue to him, he also facing a problem: John can’t see what May sees on her screen.

John lack any visual context, and that makes it hard for him to properly help her – which results in a mutually negative experience.

With Weface, this doesn’t have to happen!
Banks can use Weface to help and sell at the same time. Weface also gives banks a competitive edge by enabling customers to walk through online processes effortlessly. With our solution, the communication process is clear, transparent, and brief.

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