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Gain Insights with WeFace's Sentiment Analysis Feature

Gain unparalleled insights into customer interactions with WeFace's Insight+ feature. Record, transcribe, and receive sentiment analysis for optimized engagement. Empower your customer engagement strategy with WeFace.


Collect, sort, and act

WeFace AI Insight is a feature that analyses each customer interaction with the aim of increasing the service quality. The call is recorded and automatically transcribed into text. The text from the conversation is getting analysed where the user receives a report with recurring phrases, organizations, destinations, etc.

The report provides an understanding of how the service should be designed to convey the absolute best customer experience for that specific company regardless of industry


The recording will start as soon as the the contact is established.


Insight+ accurately convert the sound file into text.


The text file will be analysed and Insight+ will identify key concepts, keywords, locations and organisations.


The sentimental analysis provides a full report of the customer's perceived service on an emotional level.

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