Better Customer Experience
Increasing Customer Experience is one of the significant areas of concern for many service businesses. Businesses that can provide better Customer Experience can receive 5.7 times more profit than businesses that overlook Customer Experience. Thus, it is essential to predict customer needs, emotions, and personas to determine the best method to resolve any issue. Insight+ allow users to detect stress, change in tone, and emotions from the customer's voice.

Real-time analysis
Improve the customer experience through real-time insights. Insight+ provides a better understanding of your customers' perception about your brand and product/service range.

Insight+ analyses and identifies key concepts, keywords, locations and organisations from each customer meeting and then the terms are categorised according to "PLUS", "MINUS" and "NEUTRAL".

The report contains a summary and a classification of keywords and recurring phrases. Then a recommendation is given of how you should communicate with the customer to maximize customer satisfaction and increase your sales.


Analyze the entire customer journey

Attitude analysis

Emotion analysis

Identification of recurring key phrases

Customize your service exactly to your customer segment